Nutrition is Nuanced.


Combining the science of functional nutrition with positive lifestyle shifts and a deep rooted commitment to wellness without obsession, and wellness independent of body size.

If You Feel Frustrated
With Food:

You don’t know what to eat anymore, nutrition advice is abundant and conflicting. 

You are experiencing uncomfortable digestive symptoms, but you have a complicated history with food and you want to work with a nutritionist who gets it. 

You know you could benefit from nutrition support but you don’t want to focus on weight. 


Conditions I Work With:

Disordered eating – specializing in binge eating disorder 

Endocrine disorders: thyroid disorders, pre-diabetes, PCOS, metabolic conditions, adrenal insufficiency 

Food and gluten sensitivities/intolerances 

GI Conditions: SIBO, GERD, IBS, IBD, microbiome health, constipation, diarrhea 

How This Works:

All programs begin with an in-depth nutrition analysis and lifestyle evaluation which includes symptom history, dietary habits, eating history, analysis of blood work, goals and objectives. 

You are at the center of any nutrition/food recommendation. Different things work for different people and there is no one right solution for all people!

We will work together, as partners, to seek out small attainable shifts. Small shifts that turn into life changing habits.

My Objective:

Support you to normalize your eating and optimize your nutrition so you can get back life!

My Process


This includes food as our primary intervention but also includes supplementation to fill in the gaps when necessary.

Increase Health
Supportive Behaviors

This goes beyond food and includes stress management, sleep hygiene, joyful movement, and self image work.

Support Microbiome

Gut health is fundamental to whole body health, but how to properly address gut health depends on the individual. In all 1:1 programs we will take a deep dive into better understanding your unique microbiome and how to best support it.


When necessary or requested. Tests available: GI Map – comprehensive stool analysis, DUTCH hormone – comprehensive hormone panel, Micronutrient/ Organic Acid Testing – comprehensive nutrient analysis.

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is rooted in the principles of Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine is a patient-centered individualized approach to health and healing which aims to correct root causes of chronic disease and imbalance. Functional medicine looks beyond treating symptoms and uses a whole-body system approach.

Functional Nutrition relies on individual biochemistry aiming to support optimal nutrition for each person. Functional nutrition practitioners utilize laboratory assessments, functional testing, and comprehensive dietary analysis to identify potential imbalance patterns and disease patterns before they occur.

Therapeutic interventions including customized dietary plans, natural supplementation plan, and lifestyle suggestions are utilized to encourage health and healing.

As an example, a conventional protocol may suggest that chronic constipation and bloating are due to general IBS with pharmaceuticals recommended to bring symptom relief. A Functional Nutritionist will dig deeper supporting with food, supplement and lifestyle suggestions, and deeper functional testing to get to the root cause of the symptoms working to resolve the underlying imbalance.

Great! What Does A
1:1 Program Look Like?

I accept a limited number of private clients per quarter to assure that all of my private clients are prioritized and cared for throughout the process.

Every client begins with a 4-month commitment because
lasting change takes time.

In our 4 months together we will analyze your unique health history, eating history and lifestyle habits. I will use this information to create a customized plan that is evidence based and practical for your life! If functional testing is part of your program we will use your test results as a guidepost for more specific recommendations.

We will meet every 2 weeks for a total of 8 sessions. I am available throughout the process to support you, encourage you, and keep you accountable to your goals.

All Programs Include:

75 – minute Initial Consultation 

Twice monthly 45 minute follow up sessions 

Personalized support plan unique to your health needs and goals 

Supportive recipes and meal plans as needed 

Lab test review and suggestions 

Supplement review and suggestions


Initial consultation   $350
4 Month Program      $550/month

Great, let’s see if we are a good fit!
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