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brand partnerships
A Few Recent Brand Collaborations:

Does your brand want to connect with a highly engaged and active audience ready to answer the call to action?

Abra helps connect product with ‘healthy living enthusiast’ consumers elevating brand awareness with authenticity, honesty, and brave truth telling.

Abra’s deep knowledge as a licensed nutritionist, culinary creative, and soulful influencer will leverage your introduction to tens of thousands of engaged and loyal followers for a personal-level brand awareness and a meaningfully emotional and informed connection to your message and product.

From sponsored blog posts and recipe collaborations on her hit food blog Abra’s kitchen (over 100K visitors monthly) to giveaways, social media collaborations, live events, and Instagram takeovers.

With a lifetime of experience in front of a camera, on a stage, and broadcasting live from her kitchen for events and classes, Abra has built a community of loyal followers and has the unique ability to make viewers and readers feel like friends.

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Food Photography

Sponsored Blog Posts

Recipe Development


Social Media Promotion


Brand Ambassadorship

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