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Welcome! It’s time to heal your relationship with food, become your own best nutrition expert, and rock it all out in the kitchen.

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 The truth is, I’ve had a notebook called The Nourishing Nutrition Method for years!

This program is born out of a call to create a community of women supporting each other to embrace nourishment, nutrition, and heal their relationship with food.

It is a culmination of all of my years of experience as a functional nutritionist — a true passion project designed to make my signature method available to as many people as possible in a way that is organized, structured and focused.

Why am I so passionate about this method? Because I know it works!

This isn’t about eating more vegetables or cooking more at home or creating mealplans (though you will do all of those things), this method, when put into practice, can change your life.

Sounds crazy, right?

But here’s the thing: you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to change your life. I’ve designed this program to provide all the opportunities to keep you accountable (to YOURSELF), change your mind(set), and truly begin to overcome obstacles that you may have struggled with for many years.

I’m so thrilled you’ve joined me on this journey and I can’t wait to see how far we all come together at end of these eight weeks!

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