No big deal, just here to change lives.

Signature Keynote Topics:

mindful leadership

functional nutrition

health at every size

food as medicine

Are you an HR rep looking for:

An inspiring wellness program that will actually motivate your employees to make positive changes in their health? 

Did you know it’s possible to WANT to attend a zoom call? 

Do you want to have your team cook alongside Abra and learn how to make the most delicious meals from the world’s healthiest foods? 

Are you an event organizer looking for:

A speaker who is dynamic, genuinely informed, and actually interesting? 

A panel speaker who is bold, sassy, AND has a depth of wellness and entrepreneurial knowledge to back it up? 

Are you ready to WOW your event with a keynote speaker who is as informative and relevant as is entertaining and engaging? 

Let's talk.

From customized wellness workshops, inspiring leadership keynotes, healthy cooking classes, and a host of functional nutrition educational presentations, Abra will captivate an audience of any size with her compassionate, fun, smart, and straightforward approach to wellness, healthy cooking, and entrepreneurship.

Workplace Wellbeing


I could not more highly recommend Abra Pappa — she is one of our most popular presenters to our corporate wellness clients. Her presentations are always interactive, fun, creative, and most of all richly filled with usable information that change people’s lives for the better.
Susanne Kramer
Founding Partner “Your Healthy Measures”

I work in HR and have participated in dozens of lunch and learn seminars Abra’s holiday class was so engaging I forgot to sit down. I was literally standing for the entire hour and never even noticed. I would welcome Abra back to our company over and over again. Our employees were engaged and excited and found huge benefit in the program.


Abra is a star celebrity in our company, our employees love her and have found immense value in her lunch and learn teachings. We have her back several times a year.


Abra Pappa’s cooking instructions have changed the way I shop for and prepare food – invaluable info!


I absolutely love having Abra educate employees about functional nutrition and healthful delicious cooking at my corporate wellness events! She is engaging, warm, fun, inspiring, knowledgeable, reliable, creative and our clients love her! She adds tremendous value and employees always ask to have her back. Working with her and learning from her is always a blessing and a joy.

Ellen Bullinger
Founder & CEO, Radiant Wellness Events

I wanted to reach out and personally tell you how much I appreciate your visits here at UNFCU. The foods you prepare are healthy, delicious, and easy to make. My wife and I want to eat healthier, but we seem to slip back into bad American diet habits. We are both confident we can make positive changes with your tips and recipes. Thank you so much for coming in today and visiting. I hope HR has you come back many times over!


Our office has been filled with Abra’isms since you left. I love hearing my employees use your wellness ‘catch phrases’ and make empowering nutritious decisions.

Steptoe and Johnson

Everyone loved your presentation yesterday. Lots of laughter and you were “very energetic” is the buzzword from lots of people. It went over really well. Thanks so much!!


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