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Heal your relationship with food, become your own best nutrition expert, and rock it all out in the kitchen.


Are you one of these people?

Does this all add up to under-eating, overeating, diet flip flopping and negative self talk?

Imagine if...

Hi, I’m Abra, nutritionist, former food police, and firm believer that health does exist at every size.

I believe that healing your relationship with food is the most powerful and profound nutrition intervention.

I believe diet culture is toxic, AND I believe that nutrition education, learning what foods work best for YOU, is the true path to food freedom.

I KNOW – like truly know – that you can heal your relationship to food, find peace around eating, AND have a deep compassionate understanding of good nutrition.

I have been in practice for 17 years, I have a masters degree in functional medicine nutrition, I am licensed nutritionist, and have been awarded the CNS – certified nutrition specialist credential.

I have spent my career working with beautiful heart-centered individuals who have healed their relationship with food, embraced their power in the kitchen, and have become experts in their own biochemistry

I am a lifelong learner never landing on any one dietary dogmatic belief (you will never hear me say – HEY FRIENDS NOW I’M A PEGAN).

Instead I spend time digging into nutrition science research and I filter that knowledge through the lens of the individual person sitting in front of me.

I combine evidence based nutrition with a deep passion for healthy cooking and a fierce commitment to inclusive health.

I believe health is a practice, not a pant size.

It is a daily commitment to mindful
nourishment because you are worth it.

I KNOW you can have the life you want around food.

I KNOW you can feel amazing in your body.

I KNOW you can develop the skills to dominate in the kitchen.

Welcome to The

Nourishing Nutrition Method logo

An 8 week program designed to help you heal your relationship with food, become your best nutrition expert, and rock it all out in the kitchen.

Feb. 9 – April 6

I highly recommend the Nourishing Nutrition Method if you’re looking for something completely different in your wellness journey. Abra shares her knowledge and expertise throughout each week and she shows a true passion for teaching others about the topics. I loved so many things about this program. Each lesson helped me to delve deeper into various aspects of nutrition and provided a different perspective from what I already knew. The additional resources were helpful. Many have delicious, nourishing recipes that are easy to make even on the busiest of days. I also enjoyed the community aspect of this program as we met as a group, and were able to keep in touch with others throughout the week. One of the many highlights of the program was that we had opportunities to get into the kitchen some weeks and cook along with Abra. This was not only fun, but it provided me with a few staple techniques and recipes that I have already used over and over!
– Tina

The flavor kitchen lab was. my favorite because it proved I could make something delicious and nourishing at a time when I ordinarily would look and say “I don’t have anything to eat.” It increased my confidence in not feeling like I had to have all the ingredients for a complicated meal prep to be successful.

Every lesson was valuable. I think that the mindset lessons were most important for me as this is a major stumbling block for me.

Thank you for your course. I just wanted to share that my whole family came down with Covid this week. I was the only one who avoided it. I believe your elderberry syrup that I had been taking shots of each day helped. I also was able to give my kids the thyme and honey cough syrup.

I also cooked the chicken breast this week again.  My kids said it‘s the best meal that I cook. I wouldn’t have had any of these things if I didn’t take your course. You have such a warm and caring personality that made the course even more enjoyable. 
– Jackie

Overall, what I appreciated most is that you made real the idea that it can be simple. People always say that but don’t actually follow through with showing how to make that happen. I liked all the concrete examples of how to keep things simple. I loved all of it- highlights were kitchen labs and the mindset work.
– Erin

There are so many things I appreciated about this program. Abra is a fantastic teacher and guide who makes food and nutrition feel both exciting and manageable all at the same time. The tips she offered are actually things I could see myself doing and are absolutely realistic.

The Nourishing Nutrition Method program is based on my signature 7 step NOURISH process:


Navigate your emotions: Connect to your deeper why, learn the radical act of nourishment


Own your actions: Take consistent action on building healthy habits like filtering information from social media, etc.


Uncomplicate healthy eating: Learn the foundational principles of nutrition and how to apply them to your everyday life in a non-obsessive way.


Refine your skills in the kitchen: Literally become a kitchen queen. Dominate meal planning, learn how to make insanely delicious meals, impress friends and family, straighten your crown.


Identify your pleasure principle: Human nature is to only repeat behaviors that feel good.


Start with Compassion: Compassion is the true master antioxidant, but compassion is a learned behavior it’s not a given.


Honor your Intuition: We will work together to clear away the chatter so you can connect with your deep knowing.

The Nourishing Nutrition Method
Where mindfulness and nutrition science meet to guide you to a sustainable eating method for life.



for you if:

You just want to eat good food without guilt, without shame, and without a promise to “do better tomorrow”

You are ready to find your nutrition north star

You are ready to quiet all of the other voices and tune in to your intuitive knowledge around food


You are ready to stop searching for the perfect solution and the right “plan”

You don’t want another “fluffy” program without practical tools


is not

for you if:

You are looking for a weight loss program

You have an active eating disorder (my private practice is a better fit for you!)

You are not ready to commit to 8 weeks of life changing information

You don’t like other people

Don’t Wait!

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What’s Included:

8 weekly group coaching calls -

We are GOING THERE every week, get ready (see weekly outline below)

4 bonus open Q&A calls icon

2 bonus open Q&A calls


Lifetime Access icon

PDF Nourish Journal

This will become your bestie throughout the program

Nourishing Nutrition Guidebook icon

Nourishing Nutrition Guidebook

A supportive nutrition companion to the program including recipes, meal planning templates, and nutrition resources

PDF Nourish Journal icon

Lifetime Access

Access to the Membership Platform for life

A Peak Into Each Week of The Nourishing Nutrition Method:

Bonus Material


Developing Nourishing Habits

The goal is to build health habits that work for you without shame, morality or judgment. We will study the science of power habits and learn why consistency around behavioral change is key. This is a class full of exploration and an opportunity to lean into curiosity to allow powerful shifts to happen and new behaviors to take shape.


Building A
Kitchen Farm-Acy

For waitlist members only

Your secret weapon to staying healthy all year long can be found right in your kitchen! This presentation will cover natural cold and flu remedies including the ideal foods, herbs, and vitamins to support your immune system and help prevent illness all season long. This will be a hands-on demo including several DIY recipes for creating natural cold “medicine” at home.


Food And

We all have good days and bad days. We all have foods we like more, or like less, but is there a connection between feeling fine and the foods we have eaten? Do some foods make us feel grumpy? Is it possible to plan a diet for a good mood? The connection between food and mood is fascinating and learning the most supportive foods for feeling jolly is fundamental! A fun and informative class breaking down the biological reasons why what we eat affects how we feel and how food can be a powerful tool for greater cognitive health.

Why I created this...

The truth is, I’ve had a notebook called The Nourishing Nutrition Method for years!

This program is born out of a call to create a community of women supporting each other to embrace nourishment, nutrition, and heal their relationship with food.

The course will start February 9.

Your Investment:

This program is an investment that will ultimately save you from spending way too much money on useless “salesy” diets or programs for the rest of your life. No, seriously.

Price is $897 or 2 payments of $448.50, but there will be special pricing available for everyone on the waitlist!

I am offering the Nourishing Nutrition Method because, more than anything, I want to make sure all participants are women who are truly interested and committed to radically changing their relationship with food.

Abra transformed my life. I showed up to her office with a completely broken relationship with food. She not only helped me heal that relationship but she supported me to strengthen my relationship with self, something I never imagined I could achieve,
– Katie

I thoroughly enjoyed the Nourishing Nutrition Method. The course information was so valuable. My family was so impressed with the dinner I was able to create after our kitchen class.  I also enjoyed the gut health and immunity classes. Abra is passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge about nutrition. Her course is so thoughtfully designed. It was a worthy investment in myself.
– Jackie

Abra is knowledgeable about all things nutrition – which you should probably expect – but she’s also incredibly personable, patient, kind, and realistic. If you tell her you aren’t going to have a smoothie in the morning because you hate washing the blender, she GETS IT. If you tell her that you had a bad day and ate a pint of ice cream, she’s like “girl, I’ve BEEN THERE.” My relationship with food has improved to a level I never thought possible; one might even call it “healthy.” And it’s 100% because of Abra.
– Lori

Before working w/ Abra, I had 20+  years of struggling with a disordered relationship with food. I felt trapped in a perpetual cycle of binging and restricting my food intake and felt frustrated, exhausted and demoralized by this pattern.

Since working with Abra, I have  developed a better ability to trust my body’s signals and nourish myself properly. One of the most dramatic and exciting shifts though came from something Abra taught me which was so novel and unexpected. The importance of infusing joy and creativity into my relationship with food. Who knew that building my confidence in the kitchen, discovering what my preferences were, expanding my cooking repertoire would be so central to completely reshaping my relationship with food.
– Jessica



Yes! You’ve got me live for 8 weeks. We will have weekly zoom calls together (camera’s on, we are getting to know each other) PLUS bi-weekly check in open Q&A calls to dig deeper into each topic. 

No, not exclusively. We will discuss concepts of intuitive eating and you will leave the program understanding the principles, but this program goes beyond intuitive eating. Read through the weekly breakdown to get a clearer sense of the topics we will be digging into. 

The 60-minute weekly calls are hosted every Thursday night at 7pm ET via Zoom with your’s truly, Abra! Please note: we always have cameras on.

Better, you will become a meal planning master! No, seriously. My superpower is teaching others how to meal plan in a way that fits into their life. You will have the support and accountability of the group to get to it and meal plan!

Then Abra’s private practice is a better fit for you.

This is a group program, which comes with the magical alchemy of women supporting women. 

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